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Welcome to RMK Leather Works, where we aim to craft the best leather pouches and holsters in Australia. We understand the frustration of factory made holsters that are not only poor in quality but also have a short lifespan. That's why we strive to create practical, stylish and longer-lasting leather pouches and holsters that have been tried and tested by RMK fans for years now.

Our collection of pouches and holsters save room in your pockets by securely carrying your daily essentials on your hip. Designed for carrying multi-tools, flash lights and pens, our small family team handcrafts each piece here in Australia using only premium leathers in a variety of colours. We offer belt loop and spring steel clipped holsters to suit your needs and multiple models to suit the wide range of pocket tools on the market.

We put a lot of effort into the design and testing of our holsters to ensure a great secure fit for your multi-tool. Make sure to select the right holster for your multi-tool and flashlight to ensure a nice snug retention fit. For the security conscious, our dedicated Leatherman holsters feature a keeper flap with a handy adjustable snap, providing an extra inch of vertical adjustment to suit a wider range of multitools.

Please note that RMK pouches and holsters are made to order, so please shop our Ready to Ship Collection if you're meeting a deadline or get in touch. Browse our collection today and find the perfect piece for you!


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RMK Canted Pancake HolstersRMK Canted Pancake Holsters
RMK Canted Pancake Holsters Sale price$98.00 AUD
RMK Compact ClipperRMK Compact Clipper
RMK Compact Clipper Sale price$149.00 AUD
RMK Vertical Carry Leatherman HolsterRMK Vertical Carry Leatherman Holster
RMK Horizontal Carry Leatherman HolsterRMK Horizontal Carry Leatherman Holster
RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake HolsterRMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
RMK Raptor Pancake HolsterRMK Raptor Pancake Holster
RMK Raptor Pancake Holster Sale price$125.00 AUD
RMK Leather Phone PouchRMK Leather Phone Pouch
RMK Leather Phone Pouch Sale price$130.00 AUD
RMK Compact Trio EDC Pancake HolsterRMK Compact Trio EDC Pancake Holster
RMK Leather Pocket OrganiserRMK Leather Pocket Organiser
RMK Leather Pocket Organiser Sale price$72.00 AUD
RMK Duo Pancake HolstersRMK Duo Pancake Holsters
RMK Duo Pancake Holsters Sale price$125.00 AUD
RMK Car Caddie OrganiserRMK Car Caddie Organiser
RMK Car Caddie Organiser Sale price$109.00 AUD
RMK Waistlander Leatherman HolsterRMK Waistlander Leatherman Holster
RMK Survival Tin PouchRMK Survival Tin Pouch
RMK Survival Tin Pouch Sale price$130.00 AUD
RMK Foraging PouchRMK Foraging Pouch
RMK Foraging Pouch Sale price$140.00 AUD
RMK Honeycomb Leatherman HolsterRMK Honeycomb Leatherman Holster
RMK Honeycomb Leatherman Holster Sale price$125.00 AUD
RMK Large Clipper Pancake HolsterRMK Large Clipper Pancake Holster
RMK Large Clipper Pancake Holster Sale price$149.00 AUD
Clipped Leather Pocket SlipClipped Leather Pocket Slip
Clipped Leather Pocket Slip Sale price$89.00 AUD
Black Cherry Ghost Leather Pocket OrganiserBlack Cherry Ghost Leather Pocket Organiser