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  • RMK Leather Phone Pouch
  • RMK Leather Phone Pouch
  • RMK Leather Phone Pouch
  • RMK Leather Phone Pouch
  • RMK Leather Phone Pouch
  • RMK Leather Phone Pouch
  • RMK Leather Phone Pouch
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RMK Leather Works Australia

RMK Leather Phone Pouch

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From the hard working tradies on jobsites, to the stay at home dads, the RMK Phone Pouch will take great care or your phone while looking good. Our testers feedback on the new smartphone holster has been overwhelmingly positive! The robust stylish design complements that dad bod perfectly. Made from 3mm quality leathers, they're designed fit your smart phone inside it's protective case.

Carry with confidence using the tried and tested spring steel holster clip, which offers a very secure carry when paired a 35 mm to 38 mm belt. It can also be clipped on to the waist of jeans or cargo shorts.

The stitched and riveted design keeps the essential hardware away from your screen so there is no concern of the hardware scratching your device. The adjustable snap feature on RMK pouches makes this phone holster suit a variety of cell phone makes and models. 

Use the hole at the bottom to make removing your phone from the holster a breeze or charge your device while its inside the pouch. 

Adjustable Snap 
A handy feature exclusive to RMK pouches is the adjustable snap feature. To stop device movement inside the pouch

  • Loosen the screw that secures the adjustable snap
  • Slide it into a position that suits your device height
  • Tighten the screw back up
  • Close the pouch with your phone inside, it should close snugly over the top of your device keeping it stationary inside the pouch.

There are a huge variety of device / phone cases on the market. While the overall dimensions of smart phones are similar, it's the phone / case thickness that varies depending on everyone's preferred level of protection. We have developed 4 sizes for this pouch. Measure your device in its case and choose the size that suits your phone. Remember the adjustable snap gives you a full inch of vertical adjustment.

Slim - Suits devices up to 165 mm tall, 80 mm wide and 8 mm to 11 mm thick

Regular -  Suits devices up to 165 mm tall, 80 mm wide and 13 mm to 16 mm thick

Large -  Suits devices up to 165 mm tall, 86 mm wide and 17 mm to 20 mm thick

XL-  Suits devices up to 180 mm tall, 80 mm wide and 15mm to 20 mm thick. The XL pouch has a longer keeper flap & higher walls to suit the extra large devices on the market.

Please Note - Rubbery phone cases can be harder to remove from the phone pouch compared to a hard plastic case. If your using a rubbery phone case and the dimensions of you phone/ case suit the Regular pouch dimensions, we suggest going up a size to make your phone easier to remove from the pouch

Personalisation - We make our own stamps in house therefore, if you want a name, initials or branded phone holsters for your company, contact us to arrange a custom stamp, or check the FAQ for more information

Optional Extras
If horizontal carry is more your style, the horizontal carry belt slide adaptor is compatible with this pouch. 

Leather Options

Proudly Australian made & designed.

Product dimensions vary slightly between the sizes but the approximate pouch dimensions are

Width - 95 mm
Height - 165 mm
Thickness - 40mm a the widest point 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nathan Biddle
Phone pouch

I am liking the looks and feel but, try feeding it through the real belts ( not Chinese crap ) can be a pain but possible but, its a lot easier to clip it through the belt and its nice, what really matters is how long it'll last, if I can get 4+ years out of it, definitely be worth getting again, especially for those who hates having their phone in a pocket with keys or anything that can bugger the phone screen

Craig Riseley

The duck’s guts!!!

Steve Martin
Phone Holster

Another great product from RMK. This holster will outlive any phone it is used for…. It is future proof…
Thanks team RMK

Stephen Simmins

I recently saw RMK & their products at a CWA hall local buisness day in Cooroy.

I was impressed with the quality of their work & wanted a phone holster, unfortunately they were out of the XL so I grabbed a buisiness card and ordered it online. Recieved it in the mail in short order & am extremely happy with the purchase. Outstanding quality & workmanship.

I had been looking for a good quality phone holster for years and had not come across anything well made or sturdy enough..
RMK fits the bill!

I have perused their other products and will be making more purchases in the near future.. Outstanding quality.

David Toth
Leather heaven

Absolute beautiful product. Leather quality is outstanding. I’m a tradesman and I can appreciate the workmanship in this.
Don’t buy it because of me. But it so your friends can say Wow I really like that and it has that rugged blokie stance on you.