RMK Leather Works

Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia


My father Ross who is the "R" in RMK taught me the basics of leather craft about 5 years ago and I turned those lessons into what you see here today. What used to be a hobby has now turned into a business, that I'm truly passionate about. With a focus on bush craft gear and everyday carry leather goods, I have refined and tested my designs to the point where I'm confident to present them on the world stage. Its a truly humbling experience to see my products being used and carried across the world, but in truth I'm only just getting started. This year has been my first year with employees and I can't wait to see what the future holds. I aim for continuous improvement in design, adaptability and customer service. So I thank your for taking an interest in RMK and visiting my website. There is plenty of new stuff coming so continue watching us grow!



Matt Keillor

Founder & Craftsman