Secret Message Leather Belts

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Colour: Wickett & Craig Dark Brown Bridle


Handcrafted Leather Belts with a secret message engraved on the underside!

These were a popular request and we love being able to provide this service on RMK made belts! It's a great option for a long lasting, thoughtful gift that will get used regularly... and hopefully it will make your loved one smile when they put on their belt 😊

RMK Belts are cut straight from premium leather sides to ensure a robust hard wearing belt that will last. They're 37mm wide and a minimum of 4.5mm thick making them very durable. Each one is hand sanded, beveled & burnished before leaving the shop.

Our quality belts are custom made based on your measurement to ensure a great fit. Choose your hardware, personalisation & optional stitching for a custom belt that you'll enjoy wearing for years to come. 

Belting Leathers

  • Wickett & Craig Tan Bridle 4.5 to 5.5mm (USA)
  • Wickett & Craig Medium Brown Bridle 4.5 to 5.5mm (USA)
  • Wickett & Craig Dark Brown Bridle 4.5 to 5.5mm (USA)
  • Wickett & Craig Black Bridle 4.5 to 5.5mm (USA)


        Buckles -  Choose between our solid brass swage buckles & solid stainless steel roller buckles. 

        Chicago Screws - If you like to change out your buckles Chicago Screws are a great option. Just make sure you check them every now and then to ensure they are tight. If you lose a screw, click here to arrange a replacement set.

        Fixed Hardware - We apply thread locker to the Chicago Screws so they stay done up forever.


        There's several ways to make a great fitting belt but you can't get a better fit than with a custom measurement! The measurement you provide will be the middle hole of adjustment and allow the tip of the belt to sit in the first belt loop of your jeans. 

        Option 1 - Measuring from an existing belt

        This method is the most accurate to get a perfect fit but we understand it’s not always an option when gifting a belt. To measure from a exiting belt, please follow these instructions and enter the measurement in mm. 

        Option 2 - Provide a Jeans Waist Measurement

        If you don't have an old belt to measure from or perhaps your gifting a belt, we can work from a Jeans Waist Measurement. 

        PLEASE NOTE - It's very important that the following measurement is correct. Belts are a custom item made specifically for you and can not be resold if a mistake is made providing the measurement. Please measure twice just to be sure.

        Secret Message

        Your secret message is laser engraved on the underside of the belt, so only the person wearing it will ever see it. Unless they show it off of course! 👌 Feel free to make it as sweet, funny, cheesy or sentimental as you want!

        The text is Playfair font & there's 100 character limit including spaces and punctuation. Long phrases will be split onto multiple lines to fit into the engraving area.

        Please ensure to double check your engraving text for correct spelling. Your text will be copied and engraved on to the belt. 

        Optional Stitching
        If you're after a classy finish on our robust men's leather belts, this is the answer! The same durable leathers with a machine stitched border. Choose between black or cream coloured thread to compliment your belt colour choice. 

        *Our standard RMK belt width is 37mm to suit our pouches & holsters. 

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 8 reviews
        Karen Thomas

        Thank you so much for this bespoke present for my husband. When he first opened his 3rd year anniversary present, he thought it was just another (beautifully made) leather belt. But when he unravelled it to see the personalised inscription, he was absolutely blown away! Thank you so much!

        Leather belt

        I absolutely love the belt excellent job RMK
        Definately will deal again on leather goods
        Support australian made products proud to be a owner of a RMK product thanks again

        Just beautiful, amazing turn around time, completely satisfied.

        By order was a last minute present for our 3RD wedding anniversary. Their assistance and checking that all measurements were correct was above expectations. It is simply a stunning product, something that Wi be treasured for many years.

        Rachel Heeremans
        Best Belt Ever

        Bought this for valentines for my partner, Matt messaged me directly to let me know that they were having some issues with their equipment and were concerned it wouldnt be repaired in time.
        I told them it wasn't a priority order and could wait, and they still made sure they gave me updates on their repairs and got it here by valentines!

        Partner absolutely adored it, the craftsmanship, the leather, the buckle, everything is brilliant in both style and quality, would give 100 stars if i could!

        Great job Matt!

        Jenelle Mellor

        Even though I ordered the incorrect size, I have not been offered any solution to fix it. Pretty much wasted $180 on something my husband will now have to try to fix himself. Nice work rmk!!

        Hi Jenelle, even know we have an email thread where I explained all of this I'm just addressing this publicly so people can see the importance of reading product descriptions, and measuring twice because we only get to cut once.

        There were 2 mistakes made on your order when you placed it.

        1.The sizing - This is the most important part which we highlight in the product description. With custom belts we only get 1 shot, and we only have the information you input when checking out. If the belt was not stitched we could have definitely resized it for you. Seeing it is stitched this was not possible.

        2. The typo on the secret message - We copy and paste the text you input so there are no mistakes made. We get all sorts of strange messages, personal jokes and
        innuendos so we don't question what is input here

        Unfortunately solutions in this situation are limited. Seeing the strap cannot be resized due to it being stitched, and the physical engraving of the text cannot be undone the strap cannot be reused. We can reuse the buckle and hardware to make a new belt which will reduce the cost of a replacement. However, unfortunately due to the mistakes when ordering the strap and the time we have put into it is wasted.

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