While leather is a tough material, we must also remember that leather is in fact skin. It can dry, crack, stain, and warp if its not cared for. Look after your leather goods and they will last!

What maintenance is required with RMK leather goods? - Leather goods require varying levels of leather care depending on their level of use, environment and leather type. I recommend Oakwood leather conditioner, Its made in Australia and doesn't darken your leather gear when its applied. You can purchase it here


  • If your leather products look or feel dry, this is a good indication that they need to be conditioned. 
  • Small everyday carry leather goods such as the wallets and key fobs wont require any maintenance if your carrying them every day. The natural oils in your hands will be enough to keep the leather from drying out and develop a nice patina.
  •  Sheaths should be conditioned as required. If your sheath appears dry, condition it. its also a good idea to apply a small amount of leather conditioner before and after a trip especially if you have been around salt water.

  • Belts should be conditioned at least once every 6 months, more if you have been around salt water.
  • If you have any questions on leather care and maintenance please don't hesitate to contact me.



Can you stamp my logo / club emblem in a wallet? - Yes! I can make custom stamps to use on many of our products. I just need a quality clip art image of the logo. Preferably a black and white vector image but I can work with a decent size jpeg if need be. Stamp pricing depends on size and the quality of the artwork. Contact us for a quote.

Can you make me a logo stamp for my own leather work? - I make my stamps from acrylic so they are better suited to presses rather than mallets. So if you have a press, sure I can make you stamps.

Can you stamp my name on a wallet? - Yes I can and at no extra charge! I do have some limitations on duplicate characters but I can meet most requests. I use a custom made alphabet set which stamps 9mm letters in the following font

. If you want a different font or different size I can make name / initial stamps for $15. Please inbox us for custom stamp requests.


Do you take custom orders? - Books on custom products are currently CLOSED - This does not include custom stamping or engraving. While I do enjoy custom work and hearing customer ideas. The process from concept drawings to finished products it is very time consuming. So I assess custom orders on a case by case basis. Generally knife sheath custom builds are fine, they are my speciality. If I cant help you with your request I will point you in the direction of some one who can.

Do you make pistol holsters, cartridge belts etc? - Not yet sorry, but it is a future prospect.

Do I need to send you my fixed blade knife for a sheath? - If I don't own the knife personally, yes you do. RMK clients frequently send me their fixed blade knives and I've never had an issue with the post, expensive packages can be insured at the post office, $500 worth of cover is only around $6 if you want the peace of mind. While it would be great to own every production fixed blade out there, its just not realistic. So my current my fixed blade collection consists of the following - The Esee range - Izula 2, Esee 3, 4, 5, 6, Laser strike and the PR4
Tops Knives - Silent hero

What is your turnaround time on orders? - Most of our products are made to order, our Lead time varies depending on how busy we are. If your trying to meet a dead line just contact me to find out our current lead time. We generally process orders within 9 business days.

When am I charged for my Custom order? - We email out custom invoices for custom orders. Once the invoice is paid that secures your spot on our job list & orders are processed in turn.


When will my order ship? Once your order is complete We generally ship 2 - 3 times per week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

What are your Domestic shipping options? - We have registered parcel post and express services from Australia post available. To see our domestic shipping rates Click Here

Do you ship internationally? - We currently have standard and express options available for international shipping. To see our international shipping rates Click Here


Do your products have a warranty? - If any thing goes wrong with RMK products I will repair or replace as soon as possible. I try to make my gear as robust as I can to last,  but regular wear and tear on your adventures is unavoidable.

 What leather do you use for your products and where is it manufactured? -  We try to support our local tanneries as much as possible most of the leather we use is Australian made. Although we do stock and use some imported leathers from Italy, Japan and the USA. 

 Why don't your sheaths have keeper straps? - RMK sheath designs don't require keeper straps unless the knife has a cross guard like a KABAR USMC. I create two stage retention via the blade and scales through tapered welts and quality hardware. This allows quick easy, yet secure access to your bush craft knife when you need it. I have videos here demonstrating how this works.

Can I fit another knife in an existing RMK sheath? - Its not recommended. I carefully select welt and sheath spacer leathers to suit the blade and scale thickness for snug and secure fit. If you try to put a different knife with a different blade profile,  scale / blade thickness you could damage the sheath. This would be considered misuse 

Should I store my knife in the sheath when its not in use? - A leather sheath is not a long term storage solution. When the knife is not in use at home store it out of the sheath.

What are these scars on the leather? - Scars, bug bites and tan lines are common on leather hides. Before that cow ended up as a leather product, it had a life outside, getting bitten by insects, scratching up against fences to reach the good grass. I avoid any blemishes that weaken leather, but I think a scar here and there adds a lot of character to leather goods.