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  • RMK Honeycomb Stamped Belts
  • RMK Honeycomb Stamped Belts
  • RMK Honeycomb Stamped Belts
  • RMK Honeycomb Stamped Belts
  • RMK Honeycomb Stamped Belts
  • RMK Honeycomb Stamped Belts
  • RMK Honeycomb Stamped Belts
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RMK Leather Works Australia

RMK Honeycomb Stamped Belts

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$160.00 AUD

Something truly unique and eye catching. RMK Honeycomb stamped belts are cut 37mm wide, straight from premium leather sides to ensure a robust hard wearing belt that will last. Each belt is then stamped with it's own unique combination of our honeycomb stamps which creates a deep impression that will last on our thick saddlery leather straps.

All belts are bevelled, hand sanded, burnished and conditioned before leaving the shop, for a belt that you'll enjoy wearing for years to come. 

Our solid brass or stainless steal buckles and keepers are secured with Chicago screws so you can easily swap out buckles. 

  • Current Belting Leathers

    • Old World Tan 4.5mm (AUS)
    • Wicket & Craig Medium Brown Bridle 5mm to 5.5mm (USA)
    • Wickett & Craig Dark Brown Bridle 5 mm (USA) 
    • Wickett & Craig Black  Bridle 4.5 mm (USA)

    RMK Belt Strap Colours

        Hardware Options

        Buckles - We stock solid brass swage buckles and solid stainless steel roller buckles. Different styles can be ordered upon request.

        Chicago Screws - If you like to change out your buckles, Chicago Screws are a great option. Just make sure you check them every now and then to ensure they are tight.
        If you loose a screw contact us to arrange a replacement.

        Fixed Hardware - We apply thread locker to the Chicago screws to ensure they stay done up forever.


        A custom made belt requires a custom measurement! The measurement you provide will be the middle hole of adjustment and allow the tip of the belt to sit in the first belt loop of your jeans. 

        There are a couple of ways to get a great fitting belt. The measurement you provide to us will be the middle hole of adjustment on your new belt 

        Option 1 - Measuring from an existing belt: This method is the most accurate to get the perfect fitting belt. It’s not always an ideal option especially when gifting a belt. To measure from a exiting belt follow these instructions

        PLEASE NOTE - It's very important that the following measurement is correct. Belts are a custom item made specifically for you and can not be resold if a mistake is made providing the measurement. Measure twice just to be sure

        Option 2 - Provide a Jeans waist Measurement - If you don't have a old belt to measure from or, perhaps your gifting a belt. We can work from a Jeans Waist Measurement. 

        Our standard RMK belt width is 37 mm to suit our pouches & holsters.


        Lead Time

        RMK products are made to order, please check our FAQ page for current lead times.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Custom Honeycomb Belt

        I have been eyeing off RMK products from way back when they use to finish off knives.

        I have always seen the products as high quality but I have never been able to justify buying something like a leatherman holster because I simple do not use it enough.

        But the day has come where my old belt is on the way out so I saw an opportunity to purchase a custom made.

        I really liked the honey comb finish, but I thought it would pop with blue border stitching on black leather. RMK was happy to accommodate this and the result is amazing.

        The pictures do not do these products justice. They are finished with great attention to detail. I now feel like it is too good to wear for everyday work, I might keep this one for weekends.

        Matt Hosie

        I recently received my honeycombed stamped old world tan belt, and it’s a beautiful piece of gear. The craftsmanship is excellent, it is so good to have Australian made quality leather products available to us. Well done RMK

        A. Zack Tait
        Brilliant workmanship

        I’ve just received my new honeycomb stamped black leather belt and couldn’t be happier with the result.
        Brilliant workmanship and perfect fit, highly recommended product.

        Daniel Lincoln
        Rmk equals quality

        Fantastic product
        Second to none quality and workmanship

        Troy Love
        RMK rocks it again!

        The honeycomb belt is of outstanding quality and has a unique pattern, plus with the high-quality materials and build - it feels like it will last a lifetime! Just awesome.