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  • RMK Compact Clipper
  • RMK Compact Clipper
  • RMK Compact Clipper
  • RMK Compact Clipper
  • RMK Compact Clipper
  • RMK Compact Clipper
  • RMK Compact Clipper
  • RMK Compact Clipper
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RMK Leather Works Australia

RMK Compact Clipper

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RMK Compact Clipper EDC pancake holster - A variation of our most popular pancake holster with a HK clip key fob. There are three options for the clipped fob

  • Fixed - Riveted in place permanently 

  • Bolt on - fitted with Chicago screws so you can remove the fob to use the pen slot or flip vertically / horizontally. This offers the most options but it's the
    wearers responsibility check the Chicago screws to ensure they stay tight.

  • Snap on - fitted with dual line 24 snaps so you can remove the fob from the holster. The tight spacing of the snaps makes for a firm hold on the holster with a satisfying click!

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the pancake holsters only,  pocket tools pictured are just examples.

What will they fit? 
Most small to medium folding knives, Knipex Pliers or the smaller multi tool models such as the Leatherman Wave, Charge, Skeletool, Wingman and Sidekick
Flash lights up to 23 mm (Olight S2R, H2R, Warrior mini). The fit should be SNUG when you first put your items in and become easier to use as the holster breaks in and forms to your items. These holsters are not designed to carry your EDC items for long term storage, take your items out of the holster at the end of the day to maintain firm retention.
Leather Options

The  Australian veg tan options for the compact pancake holster are heavier leathers than the other options available at 3mm - 3.5 mm for an extra durable holster. The initial fit of your pocket tools will be very snug as the holster takes its new shape as it breaks in.

Our oil tan leathers are Imports and very popular. They are 2.5mm thick chrome tan leathers that make low maintenance, durable holsters with a soft luxurious touch.



Limited Run of Vice Versa Holsters are now available. They are a mix of Cognac Columbia and black oil pictured above. See the labelled product photos. 

Length 180 mm
Height 123 mm
Belt Loops 38 mm x 6 mm
Approx 4 to 6mm depending on leather choice. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Phill Favelle
Absolutely perfect

Great product and perfect fit and finish. Couldn't be happier.

Black & Blue pancake holster

Outstanding product and service.
Excellent quality and functionality.

Christopher Frith
Excellent quality

The workmanship is top notch and tough as nails, definitely going to survive the abuse I'll throw at it. Strongly recommend picking one up


Love this. Matt took the time to customize it for me and I couldn't be happier.

Karl Brady
Gets used every day onsite.

Very happy for with my holster, it gets used every day while I’m onsite. Can’t use a Leatherman anymore, but I now carry my chewies in there now. Thanks Matt.