Adjustable Pouches

Adjustable Pouches

We take innovation seriously, which is why we've developed a unique adjustable snap feature that sets our products apart from the rest.

Our pouches can be easily adapted to fit multiple items, making them more versatile and increasing their overall value and usability. Whether you're looking for a practical solution to streamline your daily routine or seeking for a reliable product that can adapt to your changing needs, our adjustable snap feature has got you covered. We all know many factory holsters are sub quality and don't last... but your pouches and holsters should be as reliable as the tools you carry in them.


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RMK Vertical Carry Leatherman HolsterRMK Vertical Carry Leatherman Holster
RMK Leather Phone PouchRMK Leather Phone Pouch
RMK Leather Phone Pouch Sale price$130.00 AUD
RMK Survival Tin PouchRMK Survival Tin Pouch
RMK Survival Tin Pouch Sale price$130.00 AUD
RMK Foraging PouchRMK Foraging Pouch
RMK Foraging Pouch Sale price$140.00 AUD
RMK Honeycomb Leatherman HolsterRMK Honeycomb Leatherman Holster
RMK Honeycomb Leatherman Holster Sale price$125.00 AUD
RMK Standard Adjustable Ammo PouchRMK Standard Adjustable Ammo Pouch
RMK Horizontal Carry Leatherman HolsterRMK Horizontal Carry Leatherman Holster