Leather Knife Sheath

DIY Sheath Mounts & Accessories

This collection is for makers and people interested in making their own gear. Here you can purchase raw RMK sheath mount carry adaptors and mount your existing factory Kydex or home made sheaths.

Ferro rod fire starters can be mounted directly to sheaths or carry adaptors.



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Compact DIY Belt Slide Sheath MountCompact DIY Belt Slide Sheath Mount
Ferro Rod w/ Mounting AdaptorFerro Rod w/ Mounting Adaptor
Ferro Rod w/ Mounting Adaptor Sale price$39.00 AUD
Medium DIY Belt Slide Sheath MountMedium DIY Belt Slide Sheath Mount
Large DIY Belt Slide Sheath MountLarge DIY Belt Slide Sheath Mount
Large Molle Mount Sheath AdaptorLarge Molle Mount Sheath Adaptor
5mm Leather Spacers For DIY sheath mounting5mm Leather Spacers For DIY sheath mounting
Sheath Mounting Hardware 2 SetsSheath Mounting Hardware 2 Sets
Sheath Mounting Hardware 4 SetsSheath Mounting Hardware 4 Sets
Izula Horizontal Carry StrapsIzula Horizontal Carry Straps
Izula Horizontal Carry Straps Sale price$40.00 AUD
Ferro Rod With StrikerFerro Rod With Striker
Ferro Rod With Striker Sale price$30.00 AUD
Ferro Rod Sheath MountFerro Rod Sheath Mount
Ferro Rod Sheath Mount Sale price$39.00 AUD