Pancake Holsters

Pancake Holsters

Carry Solutions for the tools you love. Create some room in your pockets and keep your EDC essentials on your hip.


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RMK Duo Pancake HolstersRMK Duo Pancake Holsters
RMK Duo Pancake Holsters Sale price$125.00 AUD
RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake HolsterRMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
RMK Compact Trio EDC Pancake HolsterRMK Compact Trio EDC Pancake Holster
RMK Compact ClipperRMK Compact Clipper
RMK Compact Clipper Sale price$149.00 AUD
RMK Canted Pancake HolstersRMK Canted Pancake Holsters
RMK Canted Pancake Holsters Sale price$98.00 AUD
RMK Large Clipper Pancake HolsterRMK Large Clipper Pancake Holster
RMK Large Clipper Pancake Holster Sale price$149.00 AUD
RMK Raptor Pancake HolsterRMK Raptor Pancake Holster
RMK Raptor Pancake Holster Sale price$125.00 AUD