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  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
  • RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster
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RMK Leather Works Australia

RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster

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$109.00 AUD

The RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster is a heavy duty 3 pocket holster designed for the larger multi tools such as the Leatherman Surge and OHT. They are made from a variety of Australian Vegetable / Combination tanned leathers for quick & easy access to your everyday carry essentials on the big jobs. The new improved design has 51mm x 6mm belt loops to suit work / duty belts

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for the pancake holsters only, pocket tools pictured are just examples.

What Will They Fit?
Multi tools
It's designed to securely carry the larger multitool models such as the Leatherman Surge, OHT & MUT or the Gerber Suspension or Centre Drive  and other similar sized multi tools.
This Holster is best suited to flashlights with clips, It comfortably carries flashlights up to 23mm. Such as the Olight S2R series and Warrior Mini 2 and similar sized flashlights 
Pens & Pry Bars 
Pens up to 10mm such as the MIG Bolt action pens and pry bars up to 18mm wide such as the Kingsford Hitch Bars
Fitting Your Tools / Break in Period
When you receive your holster it will arrive flat, take your time with the initial fit of your tools. First using your fingers to open the pockets, to make fitting your tools easier. The initial fit will be SNUG and this is normal. Once you have successfully seated your tools into the holster, remove and re holster them a few times. Each time should get easier as the holster forms to your tools. The break in period can be between 1 and 3 weeks depending on how much use your holster gets.

Length - 200 mm
Overall Height - 132 mm
Height from top to bottom of main pocket - 100mm
Approximately 5 mm thick (thickness can vary from piece to piece)
Belt holes - 51mm x 6mm

Lead Time

RMK products are made to order, please check our FAQ page for current lead times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Darren Trotman
Great Fathers Day Gift

Received this RMK Large Trio EDC Pancake Holster in black for Fathers Day. What an AWESOME gift!
Carries my Leatherman Free P2, Olight i3T EOS and a fine sharpie style permanent marker with ease. Could easily carry a larger torch.
Fits on my belt really well and I don’t even know it is there. I drive quite a bit for work and it doesn’t dig in at all whilst seated.
Now thinking of purchasing a RMK Canted Pancake Holster in black to hold my folding knife.
Really well made and great value for a handmade Australian product.

Hi Darren, Thanks for the great review, Just a bit of FYI. The P4 will fit in the compact trio holster which will save you a bit of belt space. The P4 also fits in the regular canted holster.

Ricky Fellows

Awesome holster
Fits and feels super comfy on my belt
Currently only running the OHT in it at the moment
Really liking it
Looking forward to using the rest of the space

Aaron Bunn

Love the holster, top quality as always. All my leather gear I get here now. 5/5.

Robert Lorefice
Quality Product

Very Impressed with the quality of these products. Well done guys!

Quality and comfort

Absolutely loving it
Proper tough, ive destroyed multiple off brand versions before discovering RMK and im pleased with their work.
Now that i have a feel for their quality, I'll be using their other products too in the near future.
As described, it fits the surge perfectly and i use the supposed torch slot to carry a spare 21700 battery.
I was expecting mild discomfort from this but somehow wearing it is even more comfortable than not wearing it.
Great work guys