Fitting Your Butt Stock Wrap

Fitting Your Butt Stock Wrap

Shotguns tend to have a low capacity, especially in Australia amirite? 🤣 Keeping extra rounds close at hand is essential for a quick reload and getting back on target. Our quality leather butt stock wraps are a durable solution and will look great with your gear.

So you got your RMK butt stock wrap? Here is what you should have in your package.

  • Leather butt stock wrap
  • Roughly 1200mm of black para cord
  • 2 cord ends
  • 1 cord lock

    PLEASE NOTE - This is not a long term storage solution for your ammo. To maintain good cartridge retention ensure to remove the cartridges from the loops when the not in use. 
  1.  Make sure your firearm is unloaded.
  2.  Using a lighter melt the ends of your para cord. I find rolling the melted para cord on a hard surface and into a cone shape makes threading the butt stock wrap and cord lock a bit easier. The left side has been melted and shaped, the right side is freshly cut.

  3. Place your firearm upside down cleaning stand or soft jaw vice.
  4. Position the butt stock wrap so the rear strap is firm against the butt of your firearm. Thread the paracord through the first 2 holes of the butt stock wrap and centre the cord so you have an even amount on the left & right.

  5. Proceed to lace up the wrap just like a boot. Using a crisscross pattern, work your way down the stock.

  6. Once you're about half way, start tightening the cord at the top and work your way back down the stock until you get to the bottom.
  7. Continue lacing until you're satisfied with the fit. Tie a simple knot to lock the cord in place.

  8. Fit the cord lock to the para cord. Hold the button and push the left cord through the left hole and the right cord through the right hole. Slide the cord lock snugly to the knot.

  9. Trim the excess cord to your desired length. Put on your cord ends for a nice and tidy finish. Cord locks can take a bit of pressure and wiggling the cord can help to set properly.



That's it, your all done and ready to go! We are not allowed to advertise products like this so we really appreciate any social shares or photos of you enjoying our products. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

Thank again for your support!

Matt Keillor

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