Foam Ammo Insert (Suits Large Ammo Pouch)-RMK Leather Works Australia

Foam Ammo Insert (Suits Large Ammo Pouch)

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Custom made foam ammo inserts, each one is cut, drilled and shaped by hand to suit the RMK adjustable ammo pouches. The high density foam I use for this product offers a snug fit and will hold your cartridges securely, while keep them separated so they don't make any noise.

> The high power centre fire insert suits most popular calibres ranging from 22-250, .243, .270, .308 and 30-06. inserts for larger calibres can be arranged by contacting RMK

> The 20 cartridge insert suits .223, .38 Special and .357 magnum and other similar sized cartridges.

> The 12 gauge insert suits 12 gauge only, 410 can be arranged upon request.