Fitting Your DIY Lever Wrap

Fitting Your DIY Lever Wrap

A quality leather lever wrap for lever action rifles and shotguns. It not only adds to the look of your firearm but makes cycling your lever action more comfortable on the hand with repeated use. 

These leather lever wraps are made from premium kangaroo falconry leather from the Packers Tannery in Brisbane. It's the thickest kangaroo leather we stock at 1.2mm to 1.4mm and it's a vegetable tanned leather which won't cause your lever to rust. (It's actually the most expensive leather we stock by the square meter!)


Fitting Your Lever Wrap

  1. Safety First! Ensure your lever action is unloaded and is supported upside down with a cleaning rack or soft grip vice. 

  2. Place the lever wrap over your lever to measure your ideal length and cut it to size with a sharp knife to suit your firearm. 

  3. Place the lever wrap inside the lever with the U shape up against the trigger guard. The wrap should sit flesh side up like in the image below.

  4.  Take your piece of waxed thread and 2 needles provided. Thread the needles on to each end of the thread. The needles are very small so you must flatten the waxed thread to successfully thread the needles.
  5. Start at the top near the trigger guard. Thread one of the needles through both holes and centre the string so there's an equal amount on each side. Double loop the first stitch for extra strength. The kangaroo leather is very strong, but be careful not to over tighten and damage the leather.
  6. Once you have secured that first double loop at the top of the trigger guard, progress down the lever wrap in a crisscross pattern just like lacing up a boot. Once you get toward the bottom holes, it can get a little tricky as your lever curves. Use your fingers to mould the wrap around the lever to make this step easier.

  7.  Once you get to the end, double loop the last holes and tie it of with a simple double granny knot. Cut the off the excess thread. Light the ends with a lighter, blow it out after a few seconds and then press down to melt them together.

  8.  Now your Kangaroo Leather Lever Wrap is good to go! 

You know what would look great with this? A matching sling!

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